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Mango Photos by Photographer Ian Maguire

6/21/99 Cultivars-‘Anderson’, ‘Herman’, ‘Pillsbury’, ‘Van dyke’, ‘Keitt’ 6/28/99 Harvest- ‘Keitt’ mangoes from Dan Lyons Groves. 7/05/99 Cultivars-‘Webber’, ‘Bailey’s Marvel’, ‘Glenn’, ‘Okrung’ 8/19/99 Cultivars-‘Royal Special’, ‘Sandersha’, ‘Carrie’, ‘Webber’, ‘Keitt’, ‘Saber’, ‘Miami late’ 8/23/99 Cultivars-‘Harris’,’East Indian’,’Lancetilla’,’Keitt’,’Seedling’,’Pascual’,’Kensington Pride’ 9/06/99 Harvest-Variety of different small scale harvest techniques. 9/27/99 Cultivars-‘Sandersha’,’Pascual’,’Harris’,’Justin’,’Siagon M13269′,’Keitt’ 11/22/99 Inflorescence stages from a ‘Keitt’ mango tree. 12/01/99 […]

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Story of Hayden Mango Published 1925

Mangos Suniland Magazine 1925 In the realm of mythological romance is found the story of the golden apples of the Hesperides. Mortals have, all these ages, been wishing for just one bite of those famous apples, reserved for the gods, and guarded by four beautiful sisters. At last, either there has been a lapse on […]

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Mango Grower Loves the Fruits of His Labor

The following article, Mango Grower Loves the Fruits of His Labor – was published November 3, 1975 News Press –and written by Frazier Moore, Cape Coral Bureau. Pine Island’s Jack Flowerree says mangoes are the second best thing in the world. If you ask what’s first he’ll say if you don’t know what’s first, then […]

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