We are open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 4:00 for pickup at our plantation. It is a cost saving over “Mail Order” in that you can purchase mangoes that we have picked that day for $2 per poundAll prices are “Cash Prices” so we can keep our prices low. We have kept the same price for pickup for over four years. You may find “backyard growers” that charge less, but you have to ask yourself, are theyorganicand do they practice “sustainable growing practices that areChemical Free?” Most of the today’s informed buyers want and demand the best quality food product for their money and The Mango Factory has been supplying that for over 40 years. There is a reason why families have been coming to us for 20-30 years and longer, to get the best mangoes on the planet. We are now serving 2nd and 3rd generations. Try us, you will like us. Many say it’s like stepping back in time, like old Florida, with friendly and informed customer service.

     Want to build a memory and pick your own mangoes? By special request (24-hour advanced notice) we will arrange a Mango Picking Adventure, a special 45-minute tour with the owner, to explain their growing process andtastethe different mango varieties. It is a great family experience and the kids will enjoy picking their own mangoes.  Bring your camera and the family pictures will be long enjoyed after the fruit delicious fruit is eaten. Close-toed shoes recommended. You will be transported in a shaded, 8 passenger 4-wheel drive, Kawasaki Mule for the adventure. Please email me at TheMangoFactory@gmail.com with your contact information, the number in your party and any questions, and your preferred time, so that we can schedule your Mango Picking Adventure.

     Cost: $35 per family and must pick at least 30 lbs. of fruit at $2 per pound for a minimum cost of $95. (30 lbs. of mangoes is approximately, one level milk crate). Of course, more than 30 pounds can be picked. Many families make it a yearly experience.


     Want to pick up 100 lbs or more? There is a 10% discount offered (cash price). 24-hour advance notice is required so that we can pick and reserve your order.