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Mango by Julian W Sauls

Mango Julian W. Sauls Extension Horticulturist Mango is regarded as the queen of fruits in tropical areas of the world. Prior to the severe freezes of the 1980s, numerous mango trees were in production in yards across the lower Rio Grande Valley, including a small orchard near Mercedes. Grown for its large, colorful and delicious […]

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High Density Planting of Mangoes

Introduction Mango is the most important fruit crop of India and comes next to banana, apple and oranges on the basis of global acreage and production. India contributes about 60% (9.5 million t) in the world mango production (15.7 million t). Mango contributes 40% to national fruit production (22.168 million t) and occupies 42% of […]

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General Information

  Mangoes, the sacred fruit  The mango has been cultivated for over four thousand years, and by some accounts for over six thousand years. Originally from northern India, the mango has spread to every tropical corner of the world. Easily the most consumed fruit in the world, with worldwide production at around 35 million tons […]

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Planting Mangoes (Part 1 of 4)

Tree Management Systems for Profitable Mango Production A. Introduction – Planting Mango B. Management of Young Trees C. Management of Bearing Trees D. Management of Biennial Bearing Contents Preface Acknowledgments Understanding Mango Mango Tree Management How to Select a Mango Variety Selection of Orchard Sites Land Preparation, Irrigation and Drainage Layout Planting Materials Planting Preface The purpose of […]

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Management of Bearing Mango Trees (Part 3 of 4)

Management of Bearing Trees Management system adopted for bearing trees are quite different, especially with regard to nutrient and irrigation management, than that adopted for non bearing trees. The shift in management system could be commenced 3-4 years after planting dependin g on the tree size. The objective in managing bearing trees is to promote […]

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Pruning Mango Trees

Mango Pruning in the Top End M. Poffley* and G. Owens, Senior Extension Officer, Crops, Forestry and Horticulture, Darwin * Formerly DPIFM Mango trees do not have to be pruned annually to bring on flowering or increase yield as is the case with deciduous fruit trees. They are terminal bearers, and usually flowers are borne […]

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2012 Season Update

We began shipping our pre-orders June 14, 2012 and opened to the public for pick-up on June 16. On June 24 we were hit hard by Tropical Storm Debbie and lost a tremendous amount of fruit. Rather than dwelling on the fruit we lost on the ground, we focused on what we had in the […]

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Growing Organic Mangoes in the Philippines

INTRODUCTION The growing market demands both domestic and export for organically grown fruits and vegetables compel us to learn to grow ORGANIC MANGO. This is a simple and basic study to help mango growers produce naturally grown mango free from toxic chemical residue, using both herbal organic concentrates and biotechnology with integrated pest management. • […]

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