Mango Photos by Photographer Ian Maguire


Cultivars-‘Anderson’, ‘Herman’, ‘Pillsbury’, ‘Van dyke’, ‘Keitt’
6/28/99 Harvest- ‘Keitt’ mangoes from Dan Lyons Groves.
7/05/99 Cultivars-‘Webber’, ‘Bailey’s Marvel’, ‘Glenn’, ‘Okrung’
8/19/99 Cultivars-‘Royal Special’, ‘Sandersha’, ‘Carrie’, ‘Webber’, ‘Keitt’, ‘Saber’, ‘Miami late’
8/23/99 Cultivars-‘Harris’,’East Indian’,’Lancetilla’,’Keitt’,’Seedling’,’Pascual’,’Kensington Pride’
9/06/99 Harvest-Variety of different small scale harvest techniques.
9/27/99 Cultivars-‘Sandersha’,’Pascual’,’Harris’,’Justin’,’Siagon M13269′,’Keitt’
11/22/99 Inflorescence stages from a ‘Keitt’ mango tree.
12/01/99 Inflorescence stages from a different ‘Keitt’ mango tree.
1/07/00 Mango Inflorescence close ups
2/11/00 Inflorescences and Cultivars-‘Manzano’,’Kent’,’Parris’
7/19/00 Cultivars-‘Haden’,’Fairchild’,’Naomi’,’Carabao’,’Zill’,’Becky’
7/02/01 Cultivars-‘Edward’,’Saber’,’Philippine’,’Martin’,’Nuwun chan’,’Tyler Premier’
07/01/02 Beauty shots of ‘Edward’, ‘Hayden’, ‘Glenn’, ‘Siagon M13267’, Shandersha
08/20/03 Mango varieties: ‘Springfels’, ‘Paheri’, ‘Graham’, and ‘Bailey’s Marvel’
07/01/04 Mango varities: ‘Glenn’, ‘Toledo’, ‘Sensation’, ‘Carrie’, ‘Julie’, ‘Bailey’s Marvel’, and more
08/16/04 Tropical Fruits Drink Contest Winners, malformed ‘Valencia Pride’ mango, mango ice cream and more
12/12/05 Mango varities: ‘Glenn’, Lancetilla, Manzano, Choc-Anon
10/01/01 Streaming video about the Mango and Banana crops


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