Florida mangoes for sale: The Mango Factory” grows and ships the freshest, juiciest, fiberless, and best-tasting mangoes in the world directly to your door, anywhere in the country, except California. They are shipped by USPS priority mail (usually arrive in 1-3 days). Our mangoes are “Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!’

The Season is now open for both PickUp & Shipping.

All fruit is guaranteed to arrive in good condition and ripen properly, or they will be replaced or your money back on the damaged portion. Our fruit is “Organic, but not certified so we can pass the savings on to you.

We use the highest “responsible & sustainable” growing practices for those who care about what they eat.

Our Varieties: We have some of the world’s most desired mango varieties. We have early season, mid-season, and late-season mangoes. 

A typical season is 12 weeks long (June to early September). Valencia Pride (June-July), Hayden (June), Kent (July), Keitt (August-Sept), Irwin (June), Cambodiana (June), J-Byrd (July) (exclusive to us), Cecil (June), and Apple (July).

3 ways to enjoy our mangoes: Click on one of the following links that match your needs:


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Inquiries welcome by email at TheMangoFactory@gmail.com