Florida mangoes for sale: “The Mango Factory” ships mangoes fresh to your door, anywhere in the country, except California, by USPO priority mail (usually in 1-3 days), and all fruit is guaranteed to arrive in good condition and ripen properly, or your money back on the damaged portion.

 Today is August 9th and next Monday will be our last day for this season. Next year should be a bumper crop. Questions are better answered by email. We appreciate your loyalty to the Mango Factory.

We have 2 ways to enjoy our mangoes, by “Mail Order” or by “Picking Up” at our plantation. They can be ordered in 12 different ways. A box at a time, or delivered to your home on a regular schedule. You can make your easy selection by clicking on the “Shop Link” at the top of the page.

     Some Orders “auto-ship” and can be structured on 4, 8, or 12-week schedule. Some order more than 1 box per week which can be accomplished by ordering two or more of the 4, 8, or 12-week orders. You can choose from the following:

     1. Delivered each wk for 4, 8 or 12 continuous weeks. (Shipments can be stopped while you are on vacation or shipped to your vacation address). 

     2. Two and Three boxes discounted orders must be shipped on the same date but can go to 2 or 3 addresses. Just specify in the “Order Notes” located in the last box of the “Mango Checkout” page.

     During the season we are open 7 days a week, from 10-4 PM, if you are located in SW Florida near Ft. Myers. We have customers that drive several hundred miles just to experience our mangoes first hand.

Would you like to pick your own mangoes? Then you might consider the Mango Picking Adventure“: Ask about how you can have an “escorted tour” for the family and pick your own mangoes. Cost: $45 per family plus a minimum of 30 lbs. of mangoes at $2/lb. (You can, of course, pick more). Come and build a memory with us (24-hour advanced notice needed). Send us an email with how many will be in your party and your contact information to TheMangoFactory@gmail.com.

We are family owned, second generation, mango growers, located on tropical Pine Island, Florida. but have a Bokeelia mailing address. We have “Factory” in our name because my dad put it there and it also signifies that our trees consistently, year after year, “manufacture” the “worlds finest fruit.”

Pick-Up prices have been rolled back 4 years to $2.00/lb. (Prices are Cash prices) a convenience fee will be charged for credit cards.) If you want to purchase 100 lbs. or more, please place order 24 hrs in advance so that we can reserve them for you. You will also receive a 10% discount.

     We are not a “fruit stand” that buys from multiple unknown sources or “back yard” growers. You have the confidence in buying directly from a grower that uses “healthy, natural and sustainable” growing practices.

     Visit us…we have been told, it’s like stepping back in time, into “Old Florida”, the way it used to be before everything became so commercialized.

     We pride ourselves in growing the best-tasting mangoes on the planet, naturally grown, without pesticides or herbicides or harmful chemicals.

     We have some of the world’s most desired mango varieties that include: Valencia Pride (June-July), Hayden (June), Kent (July), Keitt (August-Sept), Irwin (June), Cambodiana (June), J-Byrd (July) (exclusive to us), Cecil (June) and Apple (July).

Our fruit is unlike anything you will find in a store.  Our mangoes have been “taste tested” by people from all over the world that grew up with and knows mangoes, and they return order year after year (many are 2nd & 3rd generation buyers). Others tell us, “they have never liked mangoes” before they tasted our fruit. 

   Doug’s wife Barbara removing stems and his dad washing Valencia Pride mangoes

     Although we are not certified as organic, we have not sprayed or applied any chemicals to our trees in over 15 years. It takes three years of being chemical free to become certified as organic. We have avoided this expensive yearly certification, to pass on the savings and quality you are looking for, to you our customer. Each year, we allow the Florida Department of Agriculture to test our fruits and have the test results to prove we have no harmful chemicals in our fruit.

     “The Mango Factory” began in 1964, when the late Jack Flowerree “The Mango Man” purchased 25 acres of raw native land on Tropical Pine Island, Florida. For the next 40+ years, he “invested his life “clearing and contouring the land, preparing the soil, planting, transplanting, grafting, trimming the trees, nurturing, picking, processing, and marketing the fruit, through drought, floods, and hurricanes. 

    “The Mango Factory” continues today producing over 10 varieties of mangoes that are harvested generally between Mid-June through the first few weeks of September. 


       Notice the lush grass and “park like” setting of the trees in the behind my Dad “The Mango Man.” He spaced the trees 33 feet apart so that they would not crowd out the vital sunlight that gives his mangoes the beautiful pallet of colors and “out of this world taste.

     Jack decided long ago that the Mango was the biblical “Forbidden Fruit.” and not the apple…Click here –> “The Mango Man (to read why).

             Doug the current owner, and his faithful dog HooDoo

     Doug (Jack’s son) and his dog HooDoo, continue serving the loyal customers, many who have been coming for over 50 years, and to the much more that will discover the best-tasting mangoes in the world.

      Doug added Mail Order and Internet Sales to share the mangoes nationwide and 2017 will be his 10th season. Our delightful fruit will make a great gift to share with your friends and relatives across the country.

      We have a dedicated and caring staff ready to assist you.  They will make sure to handle your order with loving and professional care. (Be sure to check out the About Us page to see our Mission Statement, pictures of our staff, customers, and Doug’s family.)

     Try us…you will like us…I personally guarantee it and the fruit we sell….

Doug Flowerree, Owner/Mango Man Jr.

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