About Us

Our Mission Statement:


Spreading the Joy of the Best tasting, naturally grown mangoes…to as many people we can…for as long as we can!”


Our Staff:


Claudia, our Production and Service Manager

Claudia, our Production and Service Manager

Claudia our Production and Service Manager, knows as many, if not more of you, than I do.  She always has a smile on her face and provides top quality service to everyone. She is the backbone of our production and sales, staying on top of,  and keeping the fruit flowing out the door.  She has been with us for over 6 years.

(More pictures coming of the rest of our staff).

Armando, our Harvest and Grounds Manager,  has been with us 4 years, and knows just when to pick the fruit at the peak of its maturity. He also keeps the trees trimmed and vine and weed free. Mowing is also a never ending task in the summer.  

Carlos our Sunday Sales and Service Manager has been with us over 5 years and keeps our equipment fine tuned and running smoothly.

Our great staff makes it possible to serve you and keep the orders filled. They are on the front lines of customer satisfaction. Without them we would just have a bunch of trees with the best hanging fruit with no place to go.

You may ask what do I do as owner? I maintain & coordinate the website, email & phone orders, trouble shoot, marketing & of course, pay the bills, while vigilantly looking for ways to better meet the needs of the customer.  I get the most pleasure of seeing & hearing the people rave about the enjoyment they receive from our product, that is so good, and hard to find elsewhere. Their pleasure…gives me great pleasure, and I thank my Lord daily that he allows me to be the steward of a 1000 trees along with the beauty and sweet goodness they produce.

Our Customers:

So many mangoes, "which do I enjoy today?"

So many mangoes, “which do I want to enjoy today?”

A very satisfied customer with our exclusive J. Byrd mango

         A very satisfied customer with our exclusive J. Byrd mango

Customers who know mangoes making their selection

      Customers who know their mangoes, making their selections.

Our customers are from all over the world. The majority came from countries where they grew up with mangoes. They are coming to us because they know through experience, the taste of a great mango. One of our nicest complements we receive is when they say ” The Mango Factory’s mangoes are better tasting than the mangoes they grew up with“.  Many drive from all over the State and further to pick them up fresh. They come to buy mangoes, but I’m fond of saying, they come to “buy memories”, because they remember climbing in their own or neighbor’s mango trees as a kid, and they got that wonderful sweet taste all over their face and indelibly into their minds.

We now have 2nd and 3rd generation buyers because of that heritage being passed down to the next generation of mango lovers.

It is sad to say that many Americans have never tasted a good mango, needless to say, a great mango.  All they know is the pitiful little examples, the size of your fist, of the imported mangoes. Most  were picked 6 weeks before they were mature, drug through a hot water bath, and ripened under ethylene gas, that  came from a grocery store.

With the age of Internet, my Dad would be pleased to know that his mangoes now go out all over the country, putting a smile on many faces of people he would have never met. Be sure to share some of your mangoes with friends and relatives so that your joy can be spread to the uninitiated.


Our Family:


Family next to Muel

My Family “Before Eating Mangoes”

My wife and our 3 children, now adults, their spouses, and 4 grand children (now 5)  and we enjoy being together even though we are spread all over the world.

unnamed (1)

My Family, “After Eating Mangoes”

“Before and After”, mangoes do add color to your life, a sparkle to your eyes and a happy and satisfied family.  Mangoes transport you out of this every day world to  that special dreamworld  destination, where you’ve always wanted to blissfully  be.  As you can see we have 3 children, now adults,  and 4 grand children (now 5, all boys) to keep the mangoes coming for many years.

Thank you from all of our family to you for your loyalty and patronage over the years, and also to the new customers that will all be a part of the heritage that my father had the insight and hard labor to made it all possible.

Most of all we thank our Lord Jesus Christ, for allowing us to give back from the bounty that He blessed us with, and the ability to serve YOU, who make it all worthwhile.