I bought several large boxes both this year so far and last year also. My first box this year had slightly smaller mangoes and I sent an email to Doug the owner just for his info. and he sent me another box the same day full of his largest mangoes at no charge. Their mangoes are the best and their service is unsurpassed. Now I am buying mangoes and shipping them to my family in California because he cannot. They are all blown away and it reminds them of our farm in Africa where we were born and raised and also grew mangoes.I am so glad I found this shop on the Internet and will continue to buy ever year. Thank you Doug and family.

Sadrudin Ismail

We grew mangoes in the Philippines but we don’t have Valencia mangoes. My family love it and so as myco-workers.. There are so many different kind of mangoes here in NY and we can’t find it either. Your mangoes are so sweet and feels like just melting in your mouth.The best part about the Mango factory is that you have the best mangoes and the best employee. Talking about costumer service, CLAUDIA has the work ethics of an employee that all employers want to have. She greet every costumer with a smile and a warm welcome and assists costumer in all their needs. I go to Florida every year during mango season. Two weeks ago I was there and went to Mango Factory and met many mango buyers asking Claudia different questions and I noticed that everyone’s been helped and satisfied. I would like to complement your business for having the best mangoes and CLAUDIA for giving us the best service. Doug, thank you so much for running a perfect business that benefit all of us.

Ray of New York

GREAT mangos and service.Thanks

David Kaler

We lived in Fort Myers and always got our mangoes from none other than Jack. So glad that Doug is still keeping the farm going. You guys have the best mangoes, I have ever had and I am from India, so I aught to know mangoes. I am so glade that you have this website. Not glad that every one is finding out about you all. (that means less for me.) Thanks for all you do and keep the farm going. We sure do appricate all the hard work you put in to it. “BEST mangoes you will ever eat.”


Have been a customer of your family for many years. I just finished dehydrating the last of the Valencia Prides that we purchased a couple of weeks ago. They are absolutely delicious. I have an Excalibur Dehydrator, set it to 125 degrees and about 12 hours later they are done. I slice as much of the mango as I can and the rest I put in a bowl to eat later. The thinner the slices are the faster they will dry. Nothing to add, just take them off and store them in an airtight container.

B. Engle

You money will not be wasted buying Doug’s mangos. They are the best and the quality is amazing!! As per customer service, Doug treats you with such kindness that it stays with you forever. He treats you as a friend and not a customer. The standard of excellence that the Mango Factory gives to their fruit and customers is hard for any company to beat. I am a Mango Factory customer for life.

Your Amazing Doug!!

Simone, New York


I am so delighted to have found this particular website. After reviewing some 6 or 7 sites, I jumped at the opportunity to patronize a business so close to Ft. Myers where my parents grew up, and where I grew up eating delicious mangos straight from the tree! While my parents now reside in Daytona Beach, my husband and I reside in Georgia. It is my husband who is even more a ‘mango fanatic’ than we are, but not just any mango; they MUST be Florida mangoes! He is from Africa, so he knows about mangoes, and insists that the mangoes from Florida are like those from his home, and far superior to mangoes from other places. Over the years, my Mom has sent Florida mangoes to him that she had a friend forward from Ft. Myers. My husband insists he can tell from the ‘smell’ , even prior to tasting, whether the mango is from Florida or not. (I learned that when I tried to ‘appease’ him with some I had purchased from the store from one of the Latin American countries.)Now that my Mother and the person who used to send them to her, are both faced with health challenges, she has asked that I send my husband some mangoes on her behalf. (Please add my name to your mailing list.) I am delighted to have found The Mango Factory, and look forward to what I know will be ‘real’ mangoes, sweet and delicious!

Patricia Ryan-Ikegwuonu

When I first ordered a box of mangos from you in May, everyone thought I was crazy. How can I spend 4 – 5 dollars for a mango when I could get them and any grocery store for a dollar or so? It made me begin to wonder about my sanity….

Then the box of mangos arrived….

I have to say that your mangos were by far the BEST MANGOS I have ever tasted….Every bite was ecstasy! I could not believe how wonderful these fruit tasted…

Mangos have long been my favorite fruit. As a child I was introduced to mangos by my grandfather, who had several mango trees in his yard in Hollywood Fl. I was eating mangos in Ohio, long before people new what they were…

Thank you for making such a great product…Keep it up….I am thinking of moving to Florida (I’d be a snow bird) and now may have to think of moving near the Mango Factory! ????

Philip Grano

Please let me know when the ripe mangos will be ready to ship.My wife and I miss a really good mango from so Florida, we grew up there.


My whole family loves mangos and we’ve stopped buying them in the US because the are usually so bad. I had heard about Florida mangos, but it took me a long time to find a vendor who would ship to me. I was thrilled when I found Doug’s site and read all the comments, but expectation can breed disappointment and I had high expectations as I anticipated the shipment’s arrival. A couple of days after it arrived, when the first piece of fruit was ripe to the touch, we all gathered around and I sliced one open and passed it around the table. The silence was… delicious. We were ecstatic. The huge fruit had a consistent, velvety texture and was packed with flavor, right down to a full sweet finish. We’re hooked!

Rich Lang

Last year we stopped at the farm because of a roadside sign and boy were we surprised by these mangos! This year we won’t be going to Florida so I had to order them through the mail. I hope they taste the same! They were like delicious sweet candy with a slight piney flavor next to the skin. My absolute favorite are Kent’s! I hope you guys get my email about the order I just placed ????

Katherine Ward

I live not far from you and last year has the dubious pleasure of Bokeelia in late July. Hot, rainy, humid and buggy; this year I’ll “come home” in November after foliage season in VT. BUT bought several boxes from you to ship up north and people were almost weeping with pleasure. My son, who grew up in the Caribbean, said these were the best mangoes he had ever eaten. So this year, while enjoying the summer nights in the 50’s, I’m mail ordering. Many thanks for your organic status, I thought I was the only person on PI who cared.


Last night, I had my first mango out of the bunch I received from you last week. It was amazing. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.THANK YOU.Debbie

Debbie Atkinson

I have traveled the entire tropical globe from Asia to Australia to South America tasting the best mangos the regions have to offer and their are simply none better than the mangoes from the Mango Factory. These mangos are so big, juicy and sweet, they are like none I have every tasted.

Doug is a scholar, a gentleman and simply a master at his craft. Thank you, Doug.

All My Best,Jeff


Your mangoe are the best that i ever tasted, ever!!!! I love Mango Factory.Jose

Jose c

started going to Mango Jack’s many years ago….many. loved talking with Jack and eating mangoes with him. He along with the mangoes was our main attraction. We loved talking with him and he would tell us about the mangoes….loved that man. So happy he is still around. the place has really changed but the mangoes are still the best. I have moved from Florida to Indiana, but still like to get the great mangoes….nothing like them in the stores….nothing. You can’t go wrong getting your mangoes here.

Norma Baxter

We had the opportunity to meet your father who taught us the proper way to peel a mango. Our annual trip to south Florida always includes a trip to the Mango Factory.What a labor of love to plant all those trees on the numerous acres over the years.We wish you continued success, as this represents “Old Florida”.Your mangoes are far superior to any purchased in a supermarket!

Jerry & Judie Sheppard

Dear Mango Factory,I received my Large Box of Mangoes about 10 days ago. I’ve still got TWO Mangoes left to eat! Your Mangoes are RIGHTROUS!! They are the LARGEST SIZED (as well as SWEETEST) Mangoes I’ve ever seen!!!Customers, when you’ve bought Mangoes from The Mango Factory for the first time, be sure to have LOTS of paper towels handy cuz when you peel and bite into these WONDERFUL Mangoes, you’re going to be in for a sweet and JUICY treat!!!Mango Factory, you have me as a NEW and SATISFIED Customer and I’ll be ordering another Large Box next year!!!!

Terry Wilcox

Mangoes have been great so far. Sure beats the imported mangoes by a long shot.

They bring back memories of growing up in Boca. Planting a mango tree was always one of the 1st things we did whenever we bought a new house. When we lived in an apartment, we would buy the rights to a tree from a non-lover. The summers were spent with the aroma of grocery bags full of mangoes ripening in the house. We would also ship boxes of mangoes to my grandma in Georgia in a similar fashion that you ship these. Sweet, sweet memories.

Thanks for providing this service. I wish I had discovered you years earlier.

Jose Villanueva

The Mango Factory produces the BEST mangoes!! Our family loves their produce and Doug is just awesome at customer service. Very responsive and responsible. These are absolutely the BEST mangoes in the world!!! Thank you so much!!!


I moved to Bokeelia in the early spring of ’10, and it’s been such a delight to live, enjoy, and get to know the wonders of living in a sub-tropical island on the SW coast of Florida. I missed most of last years mango harvest, as I took an extended trip (snowbird type) to NNY. Upon returning in early Sept. last year, I found that there were so few places to get a good locally grown mango. Then, after driving around, asking some locals, I came upon The Mango Factory (TMF)!!! They gave me samples, seconds to take home, as well as buy a batch, but this year I did much better, but again, the season for almost all other growers out here on PI is over….. except for TMF! They have such a warm and helpful customer attitude, and that alone is rare… You can’t go wrong with TMF!!

Dennis Brown

This is really wonderful website to know about Mango, I am from India and I am happy that the website is giving most important useful information on mango, thank you so much.With Best Wishes,Sandeep from Mango place, INDIA.

Sandeep Kumar Singhbabu

8-5-2016 we just went and did the private tour with doug….and he was very informative about mangos and we had a blast…. its very affordable and i highly rec it once if you are a true mango lover like myself. We will be back once the keitts r ready. ????

Megan boehme

Doug, Thank you for getting me to buy a few Valencia Prides when we were getting the Kents. We just got home & chilled the ripe one & had it for dessert tonight. It was great! Joe & I both grew up in Fort Myers eating mangoes from our parents’ trees, but none were as good as the Valencia Prides. Now living in Seminole, FL we will try the shipping next time, but glad we went to the Mango Factory today & got to talk with you.

Grace & Joe Williams

Just ordered my third case of mangoes this year & can’t wait to receive them. It’s not summer without your mangoes, they are absolutely the best I’ve ever had! Too bad I can’t grow them in Pittsburgh. What would I do without you?!


OMG! Me and my family anticipate summer to take our family trip here to get the biggest, most delicious, juiciest mangoes. The prices are wallet friendly. My son saves his own money because there so delicious id eat em all. So many varieties to choose from.Everyone here is sooooo friendly!!!!


Good old fashioned service, wonderful fruit, fantastic quality and good people to work with. That’s all a body can ask for. Conjures up images of my childhood on the Islands. I developed a whole lot of friends this summer, when they found out I knew a great source for mangoes. Yup … all the way to VA and NY.Keep up the good work.


In 2013, I started ordering Mangoes from The Mango Factory.

From the first shipment, I was sold on their “Premium Grade Mangoes” (Btw, I’m in the Food Business).

I’ve had the pleasure of eating Mangoes, in the USA (born and raised), Africa, all around Mexico, as well as the Caribbean, India, and the Middle East.

Their Mangoes are some of the BEST I’ve ever had!

I like variety, so I ventured off to work with other distributors’ for the past couple of years (for no other good reason other than the need for variety). Now, I’m back, full circle, and confident to say, I will not look elsewhere for Mangoes…..ever again!

Thank you The Mango Factory Family/Team!!


I am a mango lover and live out here in Arizona. I ordered my first box from the Mango Factory a few weeks ago and the mangoes were outstanding. Kent mangoes in the first box. Incredibly juicy and flavorful. My second box was filled with delicious, juicy Keitts and Valencia Pride mangoes. I was extremely excited to try the Valencia Pride as I had never tasted one before. They were so good. Can’t thank Mango Factory enough for the delicious mangoes. The mangoes are reasonably priced and are shipped quickly after ordering. I am sorry the season is ending but look forward to more juicy, delicious mangoes next season. Thanks a ton Mango Factory!

Andy Gaines

We took all the mangos we could carry on the plane last time, we were down in Bokeelia and they were great! Why not fill your suitcases with the wonderful Mangoes you can get at the Mango Factory. The airlines are charging you for the bags anyway,and the fruit is really the best we have ever tasted !I promised all my friends up North ( Rhode Island ) the best mangoes from PineIsland……….and of course that’s the ones we got from the Mango Factory.Thanks AgainCharlie

Charlie Petras

Wow, fast and efficient service. I received my mangoes before the labor day weekend and check them for ripeness daily … we’ve consumed 4 so far, each better than the last. I’m finally enjoying mangoes I remember from my childhood rather then the baseball sized imports we typically get here in the northeast. Thank you Mango Factory – I’ll be looking forward to ordering next season!

David Steinman