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Grafting Videos

Vaneer Grafting: 1. Whip Grafting: 2. Grafting “Preparing Budwood” Part 1 of 4 3. Part 2 of 4: 4. Part 3 of 4: 5. Part 4 of 4: 6. How to grow a mango from seed? 7. How to graft to a big tree: 8. Veneer Grafting: 9. Veneer Grafting by Dr Richard J Campbell: […]

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Bridge Grafting & Inarching

University of Connecticut Bridge Grafting and Inarching Damaged Trees Bridge-grafting and inarching is used to repair trees that have been girdled by mice, rabbits, other rodents or by mechanical injury. Bridge-grafting consists of connecting the cambium layers above and below the girdled area. This process restores the flow of carbohydrates from the leaves down to […]

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Grafting Univ. of Florida

Fact Sheet HS-58 April 1994 Mango Propagation1 Julian W. Sauls and Carl W. Campbell2 Mangos can be propagated rather easily by several methods. Seeds are sometimes grown to produce new cultivars and are commonly used to produce rootstocks for improved cultivars. Polyembryonic cultivars of mango generally come true from seed, but monoembryonic types do not. […]

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G.Drafting by Richard J Campbell, Ph.D & Noris Ledesma

Mango Propagation Mango Propagation From the book Tropical Mangos “How to grow the world’s most delicious fruit” By Richard J. Campbell,Ph.D and Noris Ledesma Seeds.  There are two distinct seed types among mango cultivars. Mangos originating on the northern plains of India, in Florida, Israel and South Africa generally have seeds with a single embryo and […]

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Grafting Mangoes

Summary With all grafting, observe the following points: maintain good hygiene throughout use healthy, vigorous rootstocks use healthy scion or bud wood with active buds keep unused bud wood wrapped in plastic and stored in an esky or refrigerator use fresh scion wood if possible always cover the fresh graft with a plastic bag to […]

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