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This is the section is where we would greatly appreciate your comments and your experience with our fruit, your comments about the “Mango Man” over the years, and how long you have been a customer. You can print your name and your town to show the great distances many of our faithful customers drive to […]

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2002 Florida Mango Crop Profile

Crop Profile for Mango in Florida Prepared Jan., 2002 General Production Information The mango acreage for 2000 was reported to be 1,675 acres, which represents approximately 168,000 trees. Mango acreage has been constant at the 1,700 to 1,800 acre range since Hurricane Andrew struck in fall of 1992. Prior to this event, production in the […]

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Mango History

Mangos orginated in Southeast Asia and India, where references to the fruit are documented in Hindu writings dating back to 4000 B.C. Buddhist monks cultivated the fruit and in fact, the mango is considered to be a sacred fruit in the region because is is said that Buddha himself meditated under a mango tree. The […]

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Mango Photos by Photographer Ian Maguire

6/21/99 Cultivars-‘Anderson’, ‘Herman’, ‘Pillsbury’, ‘Van dyke’, ‘Keitt’ 6/28/99 Harvest- ‘Keitt’ mangoes from Dan Lyons Groves. 7/05/99 Cultivars-‘Webber’, ‘Bailey’s Marvel’, ‘Glenn’, ‘Okrung’ 8/19/99 Cultivars-‘Royal Special’, ‘Sandersha’, ‘Carrie’, ‘Webber’, ‘Keitt’, ‘Saber’, ‘Miami late’ 8/23/99 Cultivars-‘Harris’,’East Indian’,’Lancetilla’,’Keitt’,’Seedling’,’Pascual’,’Kensington Pride’ 9/06/99 Harvest-Variety of different small scale harvest techniques. 9/27/99 Cultivars-‘Sandersha’,’Pascual’,’Harris’,’Justin’,’Siagon M13269′,’Keitt’ 11/22/99 Inflorescence stages from a ‘Keitt’ mango tree. 12/01/99 […]

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Story of Hayden Mango Published 1925

Mangos Suniland Magazine 1925 In the realm of mythological romance is found the story of the golden apples of the Hesperides. Mortals have, all these ages, been wishing for just one bite of those famous apples, reserved for the gods, and guarded by four beautiful sisters. At last, either there has been a lapse on […]

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